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Worst exercise excuses of the year!

I had to ask my friends of Facebook to share the worst exercise excuses they have heard.  Some of them are hilarious!

Worst Exercise Excuses:

“I feel a cold coming on!”  – Jasmine

“I’ll wait for the new year”  – Jasmine

“I have kids!” ….   -Mary

“I have heard it all…there aren’t any unless you are very sick or are dead. :)”  – Nancy

“I work hard enough at work!! UGggh!”  –  Jasmin

“Nothing works for me anyway! LOL”  –  Steph

‎”The Bears are playing tonight!”  –   Amy

‎”I’m starting on Monday…”   –  Karla

“I don’t like to sweat… I don’t have time….REALLY!!!”  –   Brenda

“I just had my hair done…can’t exercise for at least a week!”  –   Atlc

“I don’t have time” and “I drank too much last night.” –  Danielle

“I have school and studying…you are kidding me right:)?!”  –   Lea

‎”I’m too mad to work out.”  –  Bry

“I’m going to lose a few pounds before I start working out again”  –  Melissa

‎”I built muscles far too fast” lol  –  Pam

“It’s too cold/windy/wet outside.” and “I’m too hung-over.”  –  Jessica

“It’s too early in the morning….”  –  Jenn

‎”It’s too dark outside” I mean, come on! :)”  –  Kaisa

“I had a C-section, I can’t do AB work! 16 years ago……”  –  Denise

‎”I don’t have the time” – ”I’ll start Monday”  –  Kiyena

“We have uniforms at work. The bad part is if you go below an 8 they do not come in long. On top of that, they shrink really bad. I had a friend tell me that she just figured why exercise if her pants are going to make her look huge anyway. I just shook my head and walked away!”  –   Jens Fit World


Hope you didn’t laugh too hard! But, just remember that You can talk yourself out of a workout, OR, you can talk yourself into a workout! It’s all YOU! Put on some stylish activewear and you will be more motivated to workout because you like what you see!!

Please tell me what is the worst exercise excuse you have ever heard!


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