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What is sabotaging your weight loss

Something or someone must be sabotaging your weight loss efforts when you workout regularly, watch what you eat, haven’t eaten cookies in months but the pounds aren’t coming off!!  Well… I am going to tell you what might be really sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Nibbling and tasting.  A couple extra almonds here, just a few tiny pieces of candy, the leftovers on your child’s dinner plate… none of these things seem like much at the time, but they sure add up. Chances are this nibbling is adding the number of calories you are consuming without you even remembering about them. Here’s the solution: try writing down every single thing you eat for one day (during the week) and one day (at the weekend). The key to knowing what’s sabotaging your weight loss  might be right there!

Do you read labels? If you don’t read food labels, it’s time to learn how!  Are your eating a whole bag of cookies thinking it’s only 100 calories?  Well think again this bag might contain up to three servings, which means you are eating 300 calories – not 100!  Get to grips with nutrients, calories, sugars and fibre and start to understand exactly what’s in your daily diet. Too much sugar? Not enough protein? Hardly any fibre? All these problems will put the brakes on your weight loss efforts.

Don’t drink your calories. Soda, lattes, frappuccinos, and sports energy drinks all seem deliciously innocent but they all pack a calorific punch. Even those zero sodas have an impact on nutrition – sure, they might have no carbs, no sugars and no calories but they’re packed with chemicals that send your body’s hormonal responses into free fall, making it harder to shed body fat. The solution? Keep fancy coffees as a treat, don’t rely on sports drinks and ditch the sodas. Remember that even fruit juice is packed with sugar. Far better to drink water and eat your calories. Top tip: try adding lemon, lime, mint or cucumber to water for a refreshing treat!

Diet Sabotage

Overestimating energy output? Don’t believe everything the elliptical tells you. Those read-outs on cardio equipment at the gym are rarely correct. So you burned 800 calories in an hour on the treadmill? Sorry, but that’s probably not true. Forget counting “calories out” and concentrate instead on smart, effective training which will change your body composition and help you torch energy in the long-term. Try weight training, sprints and interval training for the best bang for your calorific buck.

Are you trying too hard?  Finally, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a break. Sure, if you’ve got a lot of fat to lose, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on scale weight. But we all know that the leaner and lighter you get, the harder it is to shed significant amounts of weight.  And nothing makes it harder to lose fat than getting stressed about the fact that you’re not losing fat! This is a big reason when it comes to sabotaging your weight loss.  So try giving yourself a break. Are your goals realistic? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you happy with how you look? And most importantly of all, are you happy? Perhaps that’s your answer, right there.



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