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What is Crossfit Training?

CrossFit Training

Have you heard of CrossFit Training? I’m sure you have, it seems to be the most popular fitness craze around right now and has skyrocket in popularity, particularly among women.  But, what is CrossFit Training?  I wanted to take a look at this method of training and bring you the basics. But hey, I would love to hear from any CrossFitters out there – hit me up in the comments!

What is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit was developed out of a conditioning program used by police academies, military special operations, tactical operations teams and athletic facilities catering to MMA (mixed martial artists).  As you can guess from that intro, it’s a tough, no-nonsense type of training focusing on athletic performance, functional strength and high levels of conditioning.

CrossFit the sport is far from elitist though. In fact, it’s very inclusive, which is why I’m guessing a lot of you will have heard of it or perhaps do it yourself!  CrossFit Training workouts are called “WODs” (Workouts of the Day).  WODs are usually circuit-style, mixing body-weight exercises, plyometrics, sprints and repetitions of Olympic-style lifts with weights.


CrossFit Training

CrossFit Training

Pros and cons of CrossFit Training

CrossFit gets you fit, strong and ripped! Why?  Because it’s hard, fast and tough!  It can really get you in great condition, pretty fast too.  The circuit-style form of training works as both a strength session and an awesome cardio at the same time.  And because WODs are competitive, you’ll find yourself pushing harder to compete with yourself or other members of your group. It’s a very cool way to get women in particular involved in lifting and conditioning work, and its great fun!

Of course, like any form of exercise, there are downsides. You really need to get coached properly for CrossFit Training, since the risk of injury is pretty high if you misjudge your timing or don’t get your technique right. It’s important to find a great group (called a “Box”) with instructors and coaches who will take the time to set you up properly and keep a good eye on you even as you become intermediate and advanced in CrossFit. Don’t let the competitive nature this sport to stop you from listening to your body. Watch out for fatigue, over-training or injury.

How to get involved

The best place to start is the CrossFit website where you’ll find FAQs, sample WODs and all the answers to your questions. You’ll also be able to find your local groups if you want to get going.

Have fun!

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