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This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine

This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine

This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine

Think of yoga and you probably think of effortless chilled-out yoginis with their legs wrapped around their heads, getting into poses we can’t even dream about. The reality of yoga is pretty different! It’s a wonderful addition to any workout routine and something we can all benefit from. Do you practice yoga? Here’s why you should seriously consider adding yoga to your exercise routine.

Flexibility. There’s no doubt that the many poses and stretches of yoga will keep your body flexible. The large muscles of the legs and back will get a great stretch, important joins like the hips and shoulders will be kept mobile and important structures like the neck, spine and pelvis will be supported and strengthened like never before. All of this will benefit you in other areas of life: from sporting performance to everyday tasks at home and work.

Strength. Just because you’re not working with weights in yoga, that doesn’t mean the activity does build strength. Holding your own bodyweight in yoga poses encourages the body to develop incredible endurance and strength in the most functional of ways. You’ll be able to lift, carry and hold things better, whether that’s your kids, your groceries or your free weights.

Injury prevention. All that stretching and strengthening will make you must less susceptible to injury when you workout. Yoga will help your body protect itself at the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, meaning you’ll be much less tight and sore from other workouts.

Combat stress. Yoga is the most wonderful workout for stress busting. If you feel overwhelmed but need to workout, try yoga. Your muscles, heart and lungs will get a great workout but your mind will get the chance to calm down and relax, too. You’ll finish your yoga practice feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

Keep healthy. The benefits of yoga go far beyond what it does for your muscles. Yoga poses help massage your internal organs (encouraging detoxification and circulation), boost the flow of blood around the body (delivering oxygen and nutrients) and help you relax (which should mean you sleep better). There’s a reason yoginis live longer!

Add a new dimension. We all need to shake up our workouts once in a while. Even if you’re the most dedicated runner or most hard-core weight trainer, it won’t hurt to throw something different into the mix once in a while. Try yoga. Who knows, you might find a new workout to love!

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