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Should i Lift Weights? – The answer is Yes, you should!

should i lift weights

I hear this question over and over: Should I Lift Weights?

The one and only answer is YES! There is a lie going around that if you lift weights you will get big and bulky like hulk.  Well, that is not true.  Women are built different than men so that won’t happen.

You  know how much I love to lift weights! And I know most of you do, too. So, here are my top 27 reasons why we should all lift weights.

Should i Lift Weights ? Yes,  because…

… it builds muscle, giving you a better shape

… it makes you stronger for everyday activities

… it helps your reflexes and functionality

… more muscle means a higher resting metabolic rate

… training with weights burns calories in and out of the gym

… it will make you more powerful

… it will help you in your sport

… a stronger body can sprint faster and jump higher

… it improves your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite


should i lift weights

should i lift weights?


… it boosts your brain power and concentration

… lifting weights is total “me time”!

… being strong makes you feel strong!

… lifting heavy weights boosts your confidence

… training with weights makes you feel alive!

… it’s really empowering to push or pull a heavy weight

… you’ll become unstoppable… what else are you capable of?

… a strong body is a sexy body, in and out of the gym!


If you are still asking yourself….Should i Lift Weights?  I will give you 10 more reasons why you should:

… once you’ve conquered a hard workout you can handle anything

… you’ll be part of a worldwide group of total badass women!

… lifting weights releases endorphins, nature’s happy hormone

… gym friendships are the best!

… you’ll be setting a great example to your kids, your friends and your family

… the more you lift, the more muscle you’ll have. The more muscle you have, the more food you need!

… it’s fun to choose a cute gym outfit every day!

… weight training helps you sleep better

… your daughters, nieces and even your Mom will see you setting a great example

… you’ll be one of the new breed of strong, healthy women who really do pull their own weight!

I hope I got you inspired to hit the weights and stop asking yourself “that” question: should I lift weights?

Make sure to share your own favorite reasons in the comment section! – I love hearing from you <3



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