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8 February 2015

Fitness Motivation over 40

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8 February 2014

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11 November 2012

Monica Brant Wearing Affitnity Graces Cover of Iron Man Magazine

Monica Brant Wearing Affitnity Graces Cover of Iron Man Magazine

Meet the Designer Zeudy
13 November 2012

About Zeudy Mars

About Zeudy Mars

hot yoga

Turn Up the Heat with Hot Yoga

Have you guys ever tried hot yoga? This form of yoga is relatively new so when I came across a class recently I had to give it a go. What a great workout for

How to Start Running

I love to run and try to get out there a few times a week. Treadmill or trail running is my favorite form of cardio! There’s no better feeling than the endorphin high you

Cute Activewear Can Help You Stay Fit

Cute Activewear Can Help You Stay Fit

Can cute activewear really help us get fitter? Yes they can! It might sound crazy but what you choose to wear, from your head to your feet, really does have an impact on how you feel

No time to exercise? Full Time Job? That’s Not a problem for Christal

  No time to exercise? Well, working a full time job has not stopped Christal, 37 yrs old, from living a healthy lifestyle. From having been a size 16 before, Christal was able to start

Amy and the Importance of a Support System

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a daunting task. Hence, it’s important that we get the support of the people around us to motivate us when the going gets tough. In fact,a

Why Exercise Can Make You Happy

  I refer to exercise as my natural high! While other people might spend Happy Hour in a bar, I’m more likely to be found having my happy hour under a bar – a barbell,

Mom and fitness competitor

Mom and fitness competitor Tammy was tired of feeling like a frumpy mom so she decided to become a fitness competitor.  Competing keeps her motivated and it’s a great way for her to stay healthy. 

Fitness Motivation Quotes

Fitness Motivation Quote If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change

Inspiring Fit Mom of three kids under 5!

Angie is an inspiring fit mom of three kids under 5.  She is the perfect example of how YOU CAN look amazing even after having kids…in her case back to back to back. All you

should i lift weights

Should i Lift Weights? – The answer is Yes, you should!

I hear this question over and over: Should I Lift Weights? The one and only answer is YES! There is a lie going around that if you lift weights you will get big and bulky like