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Office Workout Routine

Stuck at work? No worries! I have an office workout routine just for you!

I know the feeling: you’re stuck at work all day but you want to get your workout done. If you can’t make it to the gym, or worry that you’ll just be too tired by the time you leave the office, don’t worry. You can work and workout, right there in your office. Here’s a great 15-minute office workout routine you can do in your office to get the blood pumping, the endorphins racing and your muscles tingling.

Move around and stretch. If  you’ve sat at your desk, you’ll need to stretch out and warm up. If you can, take a short walk or climb a flight of stairs.  If you have a private office, you could even do some jumping jacks!

So, Try this:

– 10 squats

– 10 lunges (or do walking lunges if you have the space)

– Walk fast up and down the hallway

– Shoulder Raises (Using a bottle of water on each hand)

– Bicep curls (Using a bottle of water on each hand)

– hold a plank position for 30-60 seconds

– 10 Push Ups

Take a short break – grab some water and repeat this circuit for a total of 4 times around. When you’re done, take a walk to cool down and center yourself, go freshen up in the restroom if you need to, and get back to work knowing you’ve done your body and mind some good – and you’ve barely taken 15 minutes out of your work schedule!…Then make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the rest of your workday healthy.

Then benefit of this workout goes far beyond getting you up and out of your office chair. Let’s look at some of these exercises:

– Squats are big calorie burners, pumping the heart and working right into the quads, hamstring and glutes to build shapely legs and a perky butt

– Lunges are fantastic for the butt and for the top of the legs where the hamstrings meet the glutes, and they encourage co-ordination and balance too

– Planks are a great way to build a strong core and flat abdominals, whilst giving your heart rate the chance to settle a little

– Push-ups ups work the whole body, but target the chest, shoulders and upper body for a balanced workout.




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