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No Excuses to get Fit – Meet Frances

No Excuses to get Fit – Meet Frances

I am so excited to share my interview with Frances.  She is a beautiful and fit mother of 3 boys!   When it is time to get down to business  (fitness) she literally goes down…Yes, she works out in her baseman! This just proves you that you do not need a lot of fancy equipment to get and stay in shape.  Please keep reading to find out more about what inspires her and how she volunteers her times to wonderful causes.

1. What is your name and age?

Frances Bhattacharya, 51

2. What inspired you to get fit?

My inspiration was my husband and 3 boys.  They are in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades.  Being fit helps me to keep up with all their activities, as well as my own.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

  • Traditional
  • Loyal
  • Caring

4. What keeps you motivated to live the healthy life?

The feeling that it will help me stay on this earth as long as possible and take care of myself as I do so.

5. What time of the day do you workout and why?

8:30 am, after my son leaves for school.

6. How do you balance life, work, training and family?

I balance things in order of importance on any given day.  Sometimes I need to start the laundry, go for my run, then put it in the dryer and do my weights.

There are days when I wake up and need to start my workout at 6am should I have to drive to school at 7.  The main key is to be flexible.

7. What do you for fun?

I volunteer for charity helping to chair one of the top grossing Cancer Balls in the country for the American Cancer Society.

I am also involved  with my boys soccer academy as the director for the Casino Night, their largest fundraiser.  This helps cover the tuition for talented boys that would not be able to play at this high level of competition.

8. What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in fitness?

That when women start to become fit, they develop large physiques.

9. What is your favorite body part to exercise?

My abdominal muscles are my favorite body parts, concentrating on my oblique muscles.

10. If you had to pick three key exercises – what would they be and why?

  •  Squats seem to work my thighs and buttock
  • Overhead presses with free weights.  Great for my shoulders and lats together
  • Calve raises with my free weights on my shoulders for an added boost

11. What are the three things you always have in your gym bag?

No bag, I just go downstairs to the basement.  However, they would be my slip on hand weights (1/2 lb.), ear-buds, and a bottle of water

12. What is your favorite cheat “treat”?

Vietnamese coffee.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk that is on the bottom.  Stir it up only the amount of sweetness you want.

13. Anything else you would like us to know?

My 23-pound weight loss, 130 down to 107,in about 4 months has inspired many of my friends to start their exercise programs.  That feels really good.

Frances wearing Affitnity Yoga Shorts

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