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Monica Brant Wearing Affitnity Graces Cover of Iron Man Magazine

Monica Brant has been featured over 100 times on the cover of fitness publications and has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews.  This time she can be seen on the September issue of Iron Man Magazine. She’s wearing a custom outfit from the AFFITNITY  line that was specifically designed for her by Zeudy Mars, the founder and designer of the brand. Zeudy said “When Monica contacted me about this shoot, I was thrilled as she is such a fitness icon. I had to make sure the design was the perfect fit for her and this cover.”

AFFITNITY started as an idea and a dream by Zeudy, who has a passion for fitness and fashion, and saw a need for the two to come together to create pieces that women could enjoy wearing for function as much as they could for fashion. The brand was built over time and today has graced the cover of many fitness magazines. Zeudy personally has experience dressing some of the biggest names in fitness, a treat for which she is always grateful and humbled. It has been her dream to grow this line into a national brand and it seems that covers like this are getting her there.

All of AFFITNITY’s apparel is made in the USA, in their manufacturing facility in Florida. The brand is constantly creating new designs and coming up with custom concepts for fitness models and everyday women who want something great to wear to the gym. Plus, the apparel is all made using the latest in sports technology, including antimicrobial and moisture wicking features for the ultimate in comfort while working out for everyone.

Monica-Brant-workout outfit-AFFITNITY

Monica Brant Wearing AFFITNITY on the Cover of Iron Man Magazine


Iron Man Magazine has been in production for more than 75 years, and has millions of subscribers and regular readers.  It was the first publication of its kind to showcase women getting involved with weight training, and even was the first to show a pregnant woman doing weight lifting to educate readers about the benefits of exercising throughout pregnancy.

To learn more about Fit Activewear, you can visit their website at . Here, you can shop for apparel, learn about the brand, and find out more about the founder and lead designer, Zeudy Mars.

To learn more about fitness icon Monica Brant, you can visit

You can check out the September cover of Iron Man Magazine when it hits the shelves later this month or by visiting

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