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Inspiring Fit Mom of three kids under 5!


Angie is an inspiring fit mom of three kids under 5.  She is the perfect example of how YOU CAN look amazing even after having kids…in her case back to back to back.

All you need is the drive to really want to live the fit life and GO AFTER IT!  Even if than means getting up super early to be able to work-out at 4:30AM when the kids are in bed.  Angie is not only gorgeous and super fit but she is also truly inspiring! Keep reading to find out a little more about our fit mom…


What is your name and age?

Angie Ventrone, 40

What inspired you to get fit?

I competed in figure competitions in my 30’s. After meeting the love of my life at 35, we had 3 babies in the last 5 years. Turning 40, and having my last baby made me want to get back my body and be in competition shape. To get there I wanted to do a photo shoot with my husband, photographer Peter Ventrone. So I set a date and worked towards my goal, and WE did it.

Describe yourself in three words.


What keeps you motivated to live the healthy life?

What keeps me motivated is the amazing feeling I experience when preparing and eating clean meals, and the results you see after eating them! And I love to see other fit people in magazines or the gym that keeps me motivated.

What time of the day do you workout and why?

I workout at 4:30 am. That way I can get it out of the way before the kids are up, and makes me a happier Mom.

How do you balance life, work, training and family?

Balance is KEY!! I usually cook meals ahead 2 days a week, so we have healthy choices in the house. I work out early in the morning as it lifts my mood and it is out of the way, dealing with 3 small children under the age of 5.  I am blessed to stay at home, but it seems we are always on a busy GO schedule!!

What do you for fun?

With 3 kids, I don’t have much extra time, so I try and make the gym my “FUN”  me time. I love to grocery shop by myself, that feels like a treat without the kids!

What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in fitness?

I think the biggest misconception is that you have to do both, eat clean and work out. I believe 85-90% is eating clean. Yes, you need to workout, but what you put in your mouth has everything to do with the way we look.


What is your favorite body part to exercise?

My favorite body part is LEGS and GLUTES, because mine need the extra attention to get the most definition out them.

If you had to pick three key exercises – what would they be and why?

  • Squats
  • Shoulder press
  • Walking lunges.

Because we all need great shoulders legs and glutes.

If you compete, what excites you the most about competing?

What excites me the most is the journey that you learn about yourself, while pushing yourself to the limit. Also, I love the way you look the day you wake up and it’s SHOWTIME!!

What is the best advice you can give someone that is considering entering the competition arena?

The best advice I would give is to give yourself plenty of time to get ready, like 16-20 weeks. When you do a longer slower process, you get the best results. At mid way point, have a big cheat meal to see what you will look like with your body full of sugar and carbs.

What are the three things you always have in your gym bag? 

The 3 things I always have in my gym bag, is gum, lip gloss, and my leg pulley strap.

What is your favorite cheat “treat”?

My favorite cheat treat is frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce, the REAL chocolate sauce!!

Anything else you would like us to know? 

I absolutely LOVE your clothing line. The way it fits and how amazing the fabrics are. My favorite is the one shoulder sports bra!!

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