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How to Workout at Home

How to workout at home:

Work, family and social commitments can pile the pressure on and leave us in a time-crunch. But when you can workout at home being busy is no excuse to miss your exercise! Even when you don’t have time to get to the gym, there’s plenty you can do at home or while traveling to keep yourself fit, strong and lean. Who needs gym membership when you can workout at home with this exercise program to get in shape using your own body-weight?

Squats: With so many variations of squats available, there’s no excuse for not including this butt-and-thigh blaster in your workout.

Lunges: Choose static lunges or mix it up by stepping forward and backward.  You will work the glutes and hamstrings on the front leg and the quads and calves on the back leg.


Push ups: It doesn’t matter whether you can do full push ups or need to rest on your knees – push ups will work the chest, shoulders and core.

Tricep push ups: Get into a push up position but drop on your knees for this exercise which will target the back of the arms. Lower to the floor and push back up, but make sure that your hands are narrow (positioned below your shoulders) and your elbows travel straight back as you push down. Keep your form correct by brushing your arms against your sides.

Tricep dips: Use a safe surface like chair or low table and sit with your hands facing forward and under your butt. Move your butt just off the table and lower yourself down, keeping your elbows pointing back. Push back up.

Plyometrics: Plyos are one of my all-time favorite at-home exercises for blasting body fat, torching calories and toning the entire body. You could try squat jumps (jump in the air from a squat position, landing softly before springing back up again), burpees, mountain climbers or jump lunges (jump in the air between lunges, switching your lead leg each time). Start slow and build up because plyometrics are tough!

Sprints: Another great way to burn more calories and shift body fat in a short space of time is sprints. Sprint hard for 20-45 seconds before walking or jogging until your heart rate feels under control. Repeat 6-12 times and see the difference in your body!

Step ups: All you need to do step ups is a Reebok step or sturdy low table. Use various combinations and speeds to work your heart and your glutes. Combine these with squats and lunges for a lower body blast!

Stair runs: No space? No worries. Stair runs are great if you’re stuck in a hotel or apartment block, or if you have access to an outdoor set of stairs. They need to be pretty steep, with enough stairs to last you for at least a 20 second sprint. Simply run up them (keep it safe), turn and walk down before running back up again. Phew!

Planks: All you need  is a space the length and width of your own body. Hold yourself on your elbow and forearms and get up on your toes, keeping your torso straight and your core in tight.

There are so many ways to use your body weight in resistance exercises, plyometrics and interval training. Don’t let this list limit you, I just had to stop at 10 so they’d fit on the page. Get creative and start seeing results. What are some of your favorite body-weight exercises? I’d love to know!

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