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How to Start Running


I love to run and try to get out there a few times a week. Treadmill or trail running is my favorite form of cardio! There’s no better feeling than the endorphin high you get from a great run where everything just seems to flow. Running can be one of the best forms of cardio around: you can do it any time, anywhere, and you don’t need a membership fee! But you should follow a few simple rules to avoid over-training, fatigue and injury. Here are my tips on how to start running:

Get kitted out

Running without proper kit is a fast track to injury, whether that’s blisters or shin splints. You don’t need much to run, but make sure what you do have is good quality and fits properly. A sports-bra, running shoes, and layers for all weathers are a must.

Start slow

Don’t try to do too much, too soon. It’s OK to run/walk at first, and it’s fine to just do short distances. Build up slowly and celebrate every bit of progress you make.

Rest and recover

Don’t run every day. You need to give your body plenty of time to play catch-up. Take at least one day off between runs, if not more. And treat your body well: drink lots of water, eat healthily, get extra sleep. You could also consider doing other forms of exercise, like yoga, pilates or strength training, to support your body and help it adapt.

Play it safe

If you run alone, don’t wear headphones and take your cell phone with you. Always let someone know where you’re going to be running and when to expect you back. If you run at dawn or dusk, wear reflective clothing. Consider joining a running club or informal group of runners for safety, encouragement, accountability and information about the best local running routes.

Do you love to run? What got you started, and what keeps you going?

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