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How do i get motivated to work out?

You ask yourself: how do I get motivated to workout? I know….We all have days where doing a work out feels like the least appealing thing in the world. You’ve got too much to do, you woke up feeling cranky, you feel exhausted, you don’t feel like you will have a good exercise session anyway. I get it!

It’s time to switch up your attitude and try these tips and tricks to get motivated to exercise.  After all, you know deep down that you’ve never regretted a workout, don’t you?

Shake your routine up: Perhaps all you need is a new running route, new gym exercise or a brand-new exercise class. You’re in this for the long-haul, and I know you love working out, so keep things fresh and treat yourself from time to time by trying something different. You might find a new love in your fitness life!

Create a playlist: It is proven that music is a great way to get motivated to exercise.  Studies show that listening to upbeat music can improve your  mood and help you get through even the toughest workout. Why not put together a new playlist – either use some of your favorite songs, tunes you’ve forgotten about or even buy some brand-new tracks. Or put your MP3 on “shuffle” and see what surprises come up!

Try a cute outfit: My favorite! On the rare occasion I really don’t feel like working out, I’ll open up my closet and pick my brightest and cutest workout clothes. Reward yourself with a new cute outfit from Fit Activewear.  Or try wearing something you haven’t tried on for a while, or pairing a new combination of shorts and top. Everyone feels better with a great outfit!

Get a caffeine fix: Unless you’re really sensitive to caffeine, sometimes an espresso shot or cup of green tea is the perfect way to give you that extra boost before you hit the gym. Caffeine has been proven to help with focus, mood and drive, and can even help out when it comes to burning body fat.

 Make a date: Why no arrange to train with a friend? If you know someone is waiting for you, you’re much less likely to skip your workout. Plus, exercising with a training friend is fun and sociable, and you can push each other to work even harder.


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