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Turn Up the Heat with Hot Yoga

hot yoga

Have you guys ever tried hot yoga? This form of yoga is relatively new so when I came across a class recently I had to give it a go. What a great workout for the body and mind! Hot yoga classes – also knows as Bikram yoga – are done in a room heated to above 105*F (40*C) with 40% humidity. If you’ve done any form of regular yoga, you’ll recognize the poses and breathing exercises, but the intense heat and humidity make this form of yoga and real challenge!

Like other forms of yoga, the poses and flows in hot yoga are designed to work the entire body, even the internal organs and lymphatic system.Of course, the heat and humidity help boost the blood flow, speeding up the removal of toxins from the system. This is why hot yoga is super-cleansing and often feels exhausting, particularly when you first start practicing it.

The heat of the room in hot yoga helps soften the body and its ligaments and tissues, making it more flexible, so you can get even more from your yoga session. The poses help flush your body of toxins and waste, and the pranayama (breathing exercises) help us use the oxygen in our blood more effectively. This is why yoga is so great for every single part of the body, not just the muscles! It’s great for the lungs, the blood and every single organ in the body.

You’ll probably feel tired and even a little wiped out after your first few hot yoga sessions. Some people even feel a little nausea, but this is normal as your body adapts to the heat and the toxins leave your system. You should communicate with the class leader throughout though so they know how you are feeling, particularly if you’re new to hot yoga. It’s pretty demanding on the body, and you’ll need to rehydrate fully and take it easy after class. But I bet – like me – you’ll feel cleansed, energized and completely amazing!

Have you tried hot yoga? How did you find the experience?

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