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Get amazing abs – Part I

Get Amazing Abs! – Best Exercises –

We all want to get amazing abs.  Visible abs show that you know how to eat right, you workout hard and  you are serious about your fitness. So I thought I’d put together a two-part series about how to get your most amazing abs yet.  First up is exercise.

Compound exercises to target abs

If you lift heavy weights in the gym, you’ll already be making your abs work hard. Squats, dead-lifts, bench press and other big compounds lifts using free weights all target your abs. Your entire core will be working super-hard to stabilize you during these lifts. So you can most definitely count heavy lifting as ab exercise!

To crunch or not to crunch?

Whilst it’s true that you need to work your abs like any other muscle, don’t fall into the trap of thinking 100s of crunches and sit ups are the key to great abs. You can’t spot-reduce fat (so all those crunches will do nothing to uncover your abs if they’ve got a covering of body fat) and you may even end up with a sore lower back or protruding abs (after all, when we work a muscle, it gets bigger, right?) By all means put a little direct ab work into your weekly training, but just do 5-10 minutes, two or three times a week. Fewer reps with great form is better than doing 100s of sit ups, trust me.

Get amazing abs

Get amazing abs

All-round core training

Don’t forget how complex the abs are. They consist of far more than those neat little blocks of muscle you can (hopefully!) see. Your entire core plays a part in creating a neat, lean waistline: your lower back, your deep TV abdominal muscles, your obliques. Work them all by doing things like plank exercises, bridges and leg raises.

Cardio to show your abs

Finally, the most important part of reaching your six-pack goal is body fat. You need to have a low enough level of body fat to let the muscles show through. The level will vary from person to person (we all carry fat in slightly different areas) but most women will start to see some ab definition between 20-25% body fat. The best way to slowly and safely lower body fat is to eat healthy, fresh, natural foods whilst creating a slight calorie deficit so your body burns the fat. Regular cardio can help with this, so add cardio in with your heavy lifting program and you’ll have sexy abs for summer!

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