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Foldover Yoga Pants and Low Rise Pants for your workout

How Popular Have Fold Over Pants and Low Rise Pants Become for Yoga and Exercise? – Should I Get Some?

Yoga and group classes have certainly taken over the way women workout today. They have become increasingly popular exercise regimens, leaving more and more women on the prowl for good exercise clothes.  There are many different components to a good gym or yoga look, and one of the things that a lot of people seek out is a good set of fold over pants. What are foldover pants and why are they beneficial? Let’s find out…

With fold over pants, you can essentially pick how high or low you want the rise to be. There is a band at the top of the pants that will look high-waisted from the start, but you can take that band and fold it over (as indicated by the name…lol) and you suddenly have low-rise pants..Yey!  This allows you to adjust your pants to your workouts. If you’re trying to focus on your core, you aren’t going to want a bunch of fabric over your abs right?

Fold Over Yoga Capris

Fold Over Yoga Capris

Foldover pants are so popular is because they act as multiple pairs of pants all in one. You don’t have to change from your yoga pants to your running pants because they are combined into one pair. This versatility helps women get the most out of their money, and at these times in the economy, every penny counts. You can invest in a simple pair of fold over pants and a stylish top, and you’ll be set for all your exercising needs.

When looking for fashion at the gym, consider the fit and style of your fold over pants.

At Fit Activewear, we have an array of styles to choose from that are all made of Supplex Lycra. This material feels as soft as cotton, but it is as breathable as some of the most high dollar fabrics on the market today. It dries quickly and doesn’t fade or shrink, so you can have a set of yoga clothing that will last you a long time. The best part of all is that you’ll look good while you exercise. Who wouldn’t want to feel good like that when they work out?

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