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Food Prep is The Key to Eating Clean Meals

eating clean meals

Eating clean meals are key to achieve your fitness goals.

Planning your food or food prep is key to eating clean meals during the week and staying on track!  Every Sunday you can find me in my kitchen chopping, shredding, steaming, baking and roasting food for the week ahead. Sure, it takes me a few hours but it’s a part of my weekend I truly love it.  I know that if I want to be eating clean meals during my week I need to plan and prep!

Do you plan your meals and prepare them in advance? If you don’t you need to give it a try and here’s why:

– You will save money

In order to start eating clean meals you need to plan! Spend more time planning meals, and spend less cash on your groceries! Remember that food prep starts at the grocery store. So, If you food shop with a meal plan in mind you’ll only buy the things you’re going to use and will be less likely to buy on impulse because something looks great or is on offer.

Eating Clean Meals Starts at the Grocery Store

Eating Clean Meals Starts at the Grocery Store


Planning ahead saves on food waste

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s food waste. The thought of fresh food going in the trash makes me mad (and sad!) We can all do our bit by only buying the food we need, and the best way to do this is by planning ahead and knowing how much of each ingredient you need to prepare all the meals for the week ahead.

Having food handy saves you time

We’re all busy!  But if you want to train hard and recover well, you need to meet your caloric needs and get good nutrition into your body. For those days when life gets complicated, prepped food is a savior! It’s great to be able to grab your food or pre-packed snack from the fridge.   This will prevent you from falling of the wagon and be tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.  So, you don’t have an excuse for not eating clean meals.

Prepare your food and stick to your goals

Finally, preparing food ahead of time means that you will be eating clean meals and sticking to your food plan. Whether you work with a coach, dietician or simply know what you need to do to get the body of your dreams, nutrition is a huge part of the equation. Yes, I said HUGE! Don’t let bad food choices hold you back. Always have the ideal meals and snacks handy – no excuses!

My food prep includes some of fat burning foods like:

  • Grilled chicken breasts or fish
  • Roasted veggies
  • Baked or steamed sweet potatoes
  • Hard-boiled eggs and
  • Baked healthy but delicious sweet treat like a oat-based bar or protein snack.
  • Some of my healthy snacks

What are some of your favorite foods, and what day of the week is food-prep day in your house?  Are you ready to start eating clean meals?

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