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Cute Activewear Can Help You Stay Fit

why exercise can make you happyCan cute activewear really help us get fitter? Yes they can! It might sound crazy but what you choose to wear, from your head to your feet, really does have an impact on how you feel about your workout. And, as we all know, attitude is everything when it comes to smashing that gym session or pushing through that final mile!

How do you choose your workout gear? Of course, your outfit needs to be functional, helping you meet your training goals by being flexible, comfortable, supportive and helping to control temperature and moisture. But beyond those practical demands, what factors help you choose a cute pair of shorts and shirt, or a sexy racerback and cropped pants?

For me, I like to match my outfit to my mood. If I’m feeling sunny and cheerful, I’ll go with splashes of bright colored activewear. If I’m feeling a little cheeky and fun, I’ll choose one or two unusual items like a glitter headband or cutaway top. I like knowing that my workout gear reflects my personality.

And it’s always fun when a girlfriend or a female stranger stops you in the gym or out on the trail to ask you about your outfit, complimenting you on your style. A little feedback like that from another sporty woman can give you a real confidence boost, and generate feelings of solidarity and sisterhood!

Most of the time, I match my activewear to my mood: sunny, playful, focused and ready to rock. Of course the one time I’ll break this rule is if I am in a bad mood! Then I choose an outfit which reflects the mood I’d like to be in, and you I guarantee that by the time I’m halfway through my workout, my attitude will have shifted and I’ll be feeling great. Seeing the reflection of a cute, well put-together outfit lifts my mood, but if I’d dressed in dark colors and baggy fabrics, I’d probably trudge through the workout feeling flat.

How about you? Does what you wear to workout affect your mood? Do you have a favorite piece which will lift your spirits?

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