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Food Prep is The Key to Eating Clean Meals

Eating clean meals are key to achieve your fitness goals. Planning your food or food prep is key to eating clean meals during the week and staying on track!  Every Sunday you can find me

This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine

This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine

This is why you should add yoga to your exercise routine Think of yoga and you probably think of effortless chilled-out yoginis with their legs wrapped around their heads, getting into poses we can’t even

Office Workout Routine

Stuck at work? No worries! I have an office workout routine just for you! I know the feeling: you’re stuck at work all day but you want to get your workout done. If you can’t

CrossFit Training

What is Crossfit Training?

Have you heard of CrossFit Training? I’m sure you have, it seems to be the most popular fitness craze around right now and has skyrocket in popularity, particularly among women.  But, what is CrossFit

Pre and Post Workout Meals

Pre and Post Workout Meals are crucial to fuel your workouts and recover from them if you want to meet your physique or performance goals. But, how much thought do you give to what

Diet Sabotage

What is sabotaging your weight loss

Something or someone must be sabotaging your weight loss efforts when you workout regularly, watch what you eat, haven’t eaten cookies in months but the pounds aren’t coming off!!  Well… I am going to

Healthy Snack Recipes

Why would you want make a snack healthy?  Well, I don’t believe there’s any need to cut out snacks altogether. After all, eating should be pleasurable and studies have shown that people who enjoy

eating clean meals

Beautiful from the inside out

There’s nothing more meaningful than being beautiful from the inside out.  A balance body starts with a healthy mind and body. Of course, health and balance mean more than just physical fitness. What does beauty

Get amazing abs – Part I

Get Amazing Abs! – Best Exercises – We all want to get amazing abs.  Visible abs show that you know how to eat right, you workout hard and  you are serious about your fitness. So

Best Butt Exercises

  Don’t forget the booty! Butt exercises are key to have a round and firm behind! No matter what size you are, toned glutes are a sure sign of someone who takes their workouts seriously. You might as