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Fitness Motivation over 40

If you are looking for fitness motivation look no further!  After turning 40 Julie was overweight and not feeling herself.  Instead of making excuses she decided to take action and get her bod back

Cardio Queen Turned Fitness Competitor

Cardio Queen Turned Fitness Competitor: Harriet is a Board-Certified Physician, Published Fitness Model, Professional Fitness Competitor, Vegan Nutrition Consultant, Fitness, Health & Wellness Blogger, wife and a mother! She shares her story hoping to positively inspire someone to

Fitness Competitor and Vegan BodyBuilder

Erin is not only an advocate for lifting heavy weights but she is also  a vegan bodybuilder!  She says that  by lifting heavier weights  than ever she has been able to maintain a body weight lighter than

Fitness Beauty Queen and Super Mom

Fitness Beauty Queen and Super Mom. Some of us believe that fitness is more than just improving the physical aspects of our body.  In this case regular exercise makes Lindsey  feel happy about her body

Adina’s Turning Point and Fitness Story

Hitting an all time high with your weight is certainly something that should cost you to worry. Adina, 28 yrs old, had the same experience and felt unhappy with how she looks. She then

You Can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet-1

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet.  I can’t stress enough the importance of treating your body right. Like Stephanie Mackey, 25 yrs. old, I believe that 3 hours of exercise won’t be enough

No time to exercise? Full Time Job? That’s Not a problem for Christal

  No time to exercise? Well, working a full time job has not stopped Christal, 37 yrs old, from living a healthy lifestyle. From having been a size 16 before, Christal was able to start

Amy and the Importance of a Support System

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a daunting task. Hence, it’s important that we get the support of the people around us to motivate us when the going gets tough. In fact,a

Mom and fitness competitor

Mom and fitness competitor Tammy was tired of feeling like a frumpy mom so she decided to become a fitness competitor.  Competing keeps her motivated and it’s a great way for her to stay healthy. 

Inspiring Fit Mom of three kids under 5!

Angie is an inspiring fit mom of three kids under 5.  She is the perfect example of how YOU CAN look amazing even after having kids…in her case back to back to back. All you