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Cardio vs weight training

Cardio vs weight training: who wins the battle?  Some women just love their cardio, while others prefer to spend hours in the weights room!

It’s sometimes hard to persuade people off the treadmill and into the squat rack, or to get the iron divas in the cardio machine room. Cardio vs weight-training: it’s the age-old debate. But who’s right and who’s wrong? Is there a winner, or is the true answer somewhere in the middle?

First of all, what’s your goal? Is it sport-specific or more about shaping your body? Of course, if you’re training for a running race or an endurance event, you will have to do a lot of cardio to get your heart, lungs and ligaments ready for the challenge ahead. If you want to drop fat, increase lean muscle and fit into your clothes a little better, you can afford to take a more strategic approach.

Endurance athletes

Aerobic exercise and weight training both have their place in the endurance athlete’s training program, but cardiovascular exercise will win out. Perhaps you’re training for a running race or a triathlon. You need to get out and put the miles in. You should still fit in some strength and conditioning work, but this will naturally take second place in your training sessions. Endurance athletes should use weight training to strengthen hard-working body parts like hips, shoulders and backs and to add power where it matters.

Shape your body

Those of you who want to lose weight, drop body fat and increase muscle mass should strike a balance between strength training and aerobics. Your weights sessions will build the lean muscle which will sculpt your body, and your cardio sessions  (along with diet) will help burn away body fat to show that new muscle and your new body shape.

Try 3 full-body strength workouts and 3 cardiovascular  sessions per week, or 4 body part split workouts with 3 cardiovascular sessions. Don’t be tempted to over-train as this will put a lot of stress on your body, which will slam the brakes on your fat loss.

strength training

So, the truth is there is no real winner when it comes to aerobics vs weight training. Throughout history, any successful athlete has always done at least a little of both, which tells us that the two are important to anyone. Our bodies were made to move, and we are built to be strong. So go lift weights, and then work up a sweat!

What’s your goal? Do you do more cardio or more weight training?


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