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Best Butt Exercises


Don’t forget the booty! Butt exercises are key to have a round and firm behind!

No matter what size you are, toned glutes are a sure sign of someone who takes their workouts seriously. You might as well walk around with a sign around your neck which says “check me out, I train HARD!”

Here are the best butt exercises for toning and lifting the butt. Is your favorite in the list, or did I miss it? Leave me a comment (then I’ll add it to my workout!)

Squats: If you want a great butt, you have to squat: period. There are lots of choices when it comes to squats, you can load the bar and use a squat rack, squat in the Smith machine, hold a pair of dumbbells whilst you squat or go wide for a Sumo squat, holding one dumbbell. Whatever you choose, go low and squeeze on the way back.

Deadlifts: this is one of the best exercises you can include in your booty exercises routine! Add some weight to this movement and you will be sure to build a great booty.

Best Butt Exercises

Plyometrics: Combine your weighted glutes exercises with some form of plyometrics to work your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles. Plyometrics – like jump squats, jump lunges, step ups, burpees and squat thrusts – will bring a cardio element into your workout, helping to burn more calories and blast through body fat to show your shapely glutes!

Walking lunges: One of my favorites for really working the booty hard and getting some great shape, walking lunges can be done with a weighted bar, dumbbells or with no weight at all. Find a space long enough to do at least 10 lunges and lunge one way, then turn and come back the other way. Concentrate on form and squeeze the lunge at the top of the movement.

Dumbell Lunge

Dumbell Lunge

Glutes bridges: They are tough!  Which is why you won’t find too many people doing them. But they’re also super-effective. Lie on your back and raise yourself up with bent knees, so you’re supported on your feet and shoulders. Lower your butt and then raise to the start position, squeezing your booty and core at the top. You can add a weighted bar, plate or dumbbell to your hips if you need to work harder.

Hamstring curls: Target that sexy glute/ham tie in area with hamstring curls. Try using gym equipment like the standing ham curl or lying ham curl machine, or go the DIY route with a Swiss ball. Lie on your back with your feet on the ball and raise up so you’re supported on your upper back. Pull the ball in with your heels, using your hamstrings.

What’s your favorite and most effective and best butt exercise? Do you love the shape of your booty?



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