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Fitness Motivation Quotes

Fitness Motivation Quote If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change

Inspiring Fit Mom of three kids under 5!

Angie is an inspiring fit mom of three kids under 5.  She is the perfect example of how YOU CAN look amazing even after having kids…in her case back to back to back. All you

should i lift weights

Should i Lift Weights? – The answer is Yes, you should!

I hear this question over and over: Should I Lift Weights? The one and only answer is YES! There is a lie going around that if you lift weights you will get big and bulky like

Food Prep is The Key to Eating Clean Meals

Eating clean meals are key to achieve your fitness goals. Planning your food or food prep is key to eating clean meals during the week and staying on track!  Every Sunday you can find me


Ramona – A NO EXCUSES fitness girl

This week I had the amazing pleasure to interview bikini competitor Ramona Ramjit-Munoz. After watching her body go through a transformation with her own competition prep, she decided to start training and helping other women in


The Fitness Artist – Bethany Nelson

I am so happy to share Bethany Nelson a.k.a “Peanut” interview.  I haven’t met her in person but her fun, bubbly and genuine personality shines right through her beautiful pictures.   She is a Figure

No Excuses to get Fit – Meet Frances

No Excuses to get Fit – Meet Frances

I am so excited to share my interview with Frances.  She is a beautiful and fit mother of 3 boys!   When it is time to get down to business  (fitness) she literally goes

Meet Fitness Model Abby Huot

I am so happy to share Abby Huot’s interview.  She has an amazing story to share…read on to find out how she got her act together and went from a size 12-14 to becoming

Jennifer Kees Wearing Affitnity One Shoulder Sports Bra

Jennifer Kees Wearing Affitnity One Shoulder Sports Bra

I am so exited to be featuring our first FIT client! She is a successful pole dance fitness studio owner from Iowa.  She is  fit, confident and a mom (which I didn’t know!!).  Pole

Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Inspiration

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