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10 Fat Decreasing Power Foods

Energy-Increasing, Fat-Decreasing, Crave-Ending Power Foods It seems as though we get stuck in our own daily routines: wake up (wake up everyone else), shower, eat (make) breakfast, work or take care of the children (or

Get amazing abs fast – The Diet

You can get amazing abs fast! – The abs diet – You can get amazing abs fast! Just keep in mind that diet is key when it comes to reaching your lean physique goals and

Fitness Motivation over 40

If you are looking for fitness motivation look no further!  After turning 40 Julie was overweight and not feeling herself.  Instead of making excuses she decided to take action and get her bod back

Cardio Queen Turned Fitness Competitor

Cardio Queen Turned Fitness Competitor: Harriet is a Board-Certified Physician, Published Fitness Model, Professional Fitness Competitor, Vegan Nutrition Consultant, Fitness, Health & Wellness Blogger, wife and a mother! She shares her story hoping to positively inspire someone to

10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving! We love spending this special time of the year in good company and with plenty of food to go around… twice. When we think about the holiday season,

Perfect Fitness Gifts

The Holidays are here and we have fitness gifts ideas to make your shopping easy! 1.- Cute Workout Clothes by @Affitnity. With a variety of cute sports bras, cute shorts, leggings and tops…Affitnity fitness wear pulls

Reading Food Labels

Reading Food Labels

Do you look at the label on a food’s packaging before you chow down? If you don’t, you should. Reading food labels (and understanding the information you see) can help you lose fat and keep

Fitness Beauty Queen and Super Mom

Fitness Beauty Queen and Super Mom. Some of us believe that fitness is more than just improving the physical aspects of our body.  In this case regular exercise makes Lindsey  feel happy about her body

Fitness Mom Maria Kang Gets Ripped on for her What’s your excuse Photo

           With the prevalence of the internet and social media in this day and age, it’s no surprise that one post on a Facebook page could go from a regular