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Amy and the Importance of a Support System

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a daunting task. Hence, it’s important that we get the support of the people around us to motivate us when the going gets tough. In fact,a scientific study has proven that a person who has a support system will more likely lasts on a fitness regimen compared to someone who doesn’t have any. Amy Cobb has once again proved this to us as she shares below that it’s her family who motivates her the most.

Continue reading to know more about our featured client this week, Amy.

1. What is your name and age? 

Amy Cobb – 35

2. What inspired you to get fit? 

There are several reasons why I choose to be fit

a. To be a good role model for my children.

b. My husband encourages me.

c. Changes to a Gluten Free diet.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Sarah Lyons from PictureGroove

4. What keeps you motivated to live the healthy life?

My husband, children and workout buddies keep me motivated. I really enjoy working out as a family. It really makes me smile and have a warm heart for fitness when my kids want to work out with me.

Also, following other fitness athletes. Once I realized and felt the effects from clean eating and working out, I don’t want to go back to my old habits. I will not allow myself to!!

5. What time of the day do you workout and why?

I workout whenever my schedule allows, but usually in the evenings.

6. How do you balance life, work, training and family?

It is challenging at times to balance life, but I make it a priority to workout. I view my fitness time just like I would laundry, cooking, or cleaning. I love the positive energy afterwards from working out.

7. What do you for fun?

I enjoy watching our kids play sports and our daughter dance.

8. What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in

Most women think if they lift heavy weights, they will become bulky. At first, I was guilty of this.

9. What is your favorite body part to exercise?

My shoulders and glutes are my favorite body part to workout. My glutes are challenging so I have work at them. I love challenges! And my shoulders because that was the first compliment I received from a stranger when I started my fitness journey.

10. If you had to pick three key exercises – what would they be and

Squats – can never do enough of them
Sprints – love getting that heart rate up
Push ups – can do them anywhere

11. If you compete, what excites you the most about competing?

12. What is the best advice you can give someone that is considering
entering the competition arena?

13. What are the three things you always have in your gym bag?

Water, chapstick, and workout gloves.

14. What is your favorite cheat “treat”?

Nicole Wilkins chocolate protein pudding…yummy!!

15. Anything else you would like us to know?

The hardest workout is in the kitchen.

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Amy and her support system

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