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Affitnity Shorts on the Cover of Fitness Magazine

We’re celebrating here at Affitnity (formerly Fit Activewear) because our wonderful gym clothing can be seen on another cover.  This time is  the leading publication  fitness magazine! This is exciting news for us. Covers are a great way of showing even more of you how great our clothes look and of course it’s always fabulous to see our designs on some of the best bodies in the business.

Check out the cover of the September issue of Fitness magazine and pay particular attention to the shorts the female model is wearing. They are my own design and you now you can get hold of a pair for yourself! I’m sure many of you will have seen this cover – after all, Fitness magazine has over 1.5 million paid subscribers. What do you think of the cover? I’d love to hear your feedback about the shorts. I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed designing them. As you can see,  not only are they cute and feminine but super-flattering, moving with the body really well.  Fitness photoshoots are demanding and the shorts performed great!

You’ll also find Affitinity on the cover of IronMan magazine this September, and I feel incredibly honored that fitness icon Monica Brant is wearing my designs. Monica has been one of my favorite fitness competitors and cover models for years and has inspired me in many ways. I know lots of you feel the same. To see my designs on that famous body is incredible! I am so happy that my clothing made this cover and would love your feedback.

I hope to be able to bring you regular round-ups of magazine covers and spreads featuring Affitnity clothing designs. Editors, stylists, photographers and fitness models all love my designs and the comfort, fit and style of the products. Don’t forget you can get your hands on your very own version of any of the Affitnity clothing you see in magazines!


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