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Affitnity! New name for the Fitness Clothing you Love

 I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, rebranding and making sure my business offers you exactly what you want.

One of the most exciting changes is a totally new name for the brand. And today, I’d like to reveal it to you for the first time. Affitnity is the new name for the Fitness Clothing you Love!

I took the words “affinity” and “fitness” and blended them together to come up with the new name Affitnity. Let me tell you a little bit about why I chose the name. What’s most important to me about designing beautiful and functional fitness clothing that you love to wear? It’s the connection between me and my designs, and YOU my customer!  It’s a great feeling when I know that I’ve got it right: that you enjoy wearing my gym clothing because it makes you feel good, because it fits your body so well, because it helps motivate you during your workouts. That’s affinity to me!

By adding that “t” to the word, I make it clear that everything I design is for fitness.  Because that’s what you love: you feel at your best when you’re working out, when you’re getting ready to go to the gym, when you’re there doing your stuff and looking great! I know the feeling, because that’s exactly why I am passionate about working out, too.

Affinity is about an understanding, trust and respect between two people. My connection with you is the passion we both share for fitness and fashion. So, Affitnity, is about me understanding what YOU want, need and like when you workout.

So, Fit Activewear is now Affitnity, but all the designs continue to be created by me  Zeudy Mars and the clothing will continue to have the high quality you have come to expect.

Do you feel an “affitnity” with the clothing you’ve ordered from me? I hope so! Here’s to the future: with Affitnity fitness clothing, your choice of workout wear.



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