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About Zeudy Mars

About Zeudy Mars

Zeudy Mars has spent the past fifteen years fine-tuning her trade, drawing from humble beginnings designing activewear for her high school gym pals and indulgent days spent sewing couture wedding gowns. The marriage of those two experiences helped shape the concept behind this line. Eager to share her talents Zeudy founded AFFITNITY.  She believes that having a fitness wardrobe that you can be proud of is an important step for anyone who is looking to get active and stay active.  For this reason, Zeudy stays ahead of the curve when it comes to fitness fashion.

As the Founder and designer of AFFITNITY, she has dressed some of the biggest names in fitness and contributed with fashion stylist for leading publications.  Her gift is to help you look your best while you are working toward being your best.

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